11 July 2024

Starting Tuesday, police are offering cash rewards of 3,000 baht a time to individuals who provide information about illegal street racing, reckless driving in a way which disregards public safety, or which may cause a public disturbance, or information about the people who support or promote illegal street racing.

Pol Lt-Gen Damrongsak Kittipraphas, the assistant police chief, said today (Monday) that the cash rewards are part of an initiative to engage members of the public in the police’s effort to crackdown on illegal street racing, particularly by motorcyclists, and reckless driving.

He said that the information to be provided to the police could be a tip about when and where an illegal street race is to take place. Informants can call the 191 Emergency Centre or 1599 Complaint Centre.

Alternatively, the information could be a video clip or photos of an illegal street race with details about when and where it occurred, which could lead police to the arrest of the offenders.

The cash rewards will be handed out to the informants once the offenders are successfully prosecuted, said the assistant police chief.

He disclosed that police have been intensifying their crackdown on illegal street racing since June, as well as keeping a close watch on risk groups who have a tendency to take part in the illegal activity, adding that the police had already managed to reduce the amount of street racing substantially.