11 July 2024
Police impound 3 trucks of Chinese-made COVID test kits bound for Cambodia

Thai police stopped three pickup trucks today (Sunday), loaded with Chinese-made rapid antigen test kits, as they were heading for Cambodia via a border crossing in the eastern province of Sa Kaeo.

Police said they decided to impound all the test kits after the drivers of the three trucks could not produce any documentation to prove their origin or a letter certifying the quality of the kits, issued by the Thai Food and Drugs Administration.

Pol Col Niwatchai Sukthayarak, superintendent of Khlong Hat police station in Sa Kaeo province, said today that a Cambodian national, who claimed to be the owner of the kits,had presented some documents to the police, which are now being examined to determine their authenticity.

The man also claimed that the kits were imported from Shanghai in China, by a Thai firm in Bang Khun Thian district of Bangkok, and that the product has already been taxed by the Customs Department.

The police officer said that the product in question will be released if the documents are found to be genuine adding,however, that if they are proved to be fake, the product will be confiscated and those involved will face charges.