11 July 2024

PM Srettha Thavisin will hold a press conference this afternoon to reveal what he called the “full package” of information on the digital wallet scheme, which his party promised to roll out as part of their election manifesto. This morning, Srettha chaired a meeting about the scheme at Government House.

He also explained why he did not include the details in yesterday’s televised announcement of his government’s achievements over the past two months, saying “I want everybody only to focus on the digital wallet scheme.”

During the “Chance of Possibility: From Policy to Action within 60 Days” broadcast, Srettha highlighted expense reduction measures, especially the price of electricity, which was first reduced from Bt4.45 to Bt4.10 and then to Bt3.99 baht.

He said the decreases are aimed at reducing the financial burden on the public.

Srettha also highlighted the boosting of national income through tourism, using visa exemptions for visitors from China, Taiwan and India.