PM says Thailand must open to limited foreign arrivals

Photo from Prayut Chan-o-cha’s facebook

Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha today stressed the need for Thailand to start opening up to limited foreign tourist arrivals “as the country needs oxygen to breathe for survival.”


He said that authorities concerned have been working out appropriate measures to deal with tourist arrivals while, at the same time, ensuring public safety and deciding which provinces will open up first.

He assured that the Government will not open the whole country for unlimited or unrestricted foreign arrivals, as there must be several measures put in place first.


“One important thing is that, if we do not do anything now, the situation will get worse.  Many businesses will close down, their employees will be laid off and the Government does not have the money to help.  Everyone has a family to take care of and debts to pay. So, what will they do?  The Government cannot help everyone because there are so many,” said the Prime Minister.

He maintained that the government has been trying its best to ease the hardships, as he urged the Thai people not to oppose everything that the Government plans to do to ease the economic impacts.


“I ask the people of Phuket whether they want foreign tourists or not.  Some say they want them, while others say no.  So, what should the country do?  How do we help the jobless?  We must think about this too and not just say this and that are bad.  We cannot sit idly by, because everyone will blame the Government,” said the Prime Minister.

He reiterated that necessary measures must be put in place, to ensure public safety, before the door is opened to foreign tourists.  More importantly, he said, local people must help, because they are the ones who will benefit from tourist arrivals.



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