11 July 2024

Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha announced to his well-wishers in Thailand’s northeastern province of Buri Ram that he would definitely not resign as demanded by the Opposition, likening himself to a cotton fruit, or santol, which tastes better when crushed.

Some opposition members have demanded that he resigns for his alleged incomplete recital of the oath of office, which they claim to be a violation of the Constitution.

“I will not resign, definitely – no resignation. Let me put in this way.  I am like a santol fruit which, when crushed, will be more tasty and sweeter. I like it,” said the Prime Minister during his inspection trip to Buri Ram to observe the drought problem.

Having served the country as prime minister for the past five years, he said that he was very tired, adding quickly that he did not complain otherwise people would ask him to quit.

He said, when he complained, he didn’t mean it to involve anybody. Then he asked the crowd “If anybody here wants me to quit, just raise your hand.  Nobody here, but there are in elsewhere.”