11 July 2024

Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha went on a tour of Bangkok city today to observe first-hand the capital’s traffic problems and progress in the upgrading of transport networks designed to alleviate the gridlock.

Gen Prayut’s first stop on the trip was the police traffic control centre on Vibhavadi Rangsit road before proceeding to the BTS skytrain station at the national sports stadium where he took a train to Bang Wa station.    The prime minister, who admitted that he had not taken a skytrain ride in almost 10 years, mingled with the train passengers and took selfies with many of them.

At Bang Wa station, Gen Prayut was briefed on the progress of the transport networks that enable commuters to travel more conveniently through transfers between buses, rail and boats.

Gen Prayut later took a boat ride from the Taksin Bridge to the Wat Kamphaeng Bangchak boat pier in Phasi Charoen district to visit development projects for communities along the Khlong Bang Luang and Khlong Phasi Charoen canals and the development of tourism in the Thonburi historical areas.

He was later scheduled to travel by boat from the Wat Kamphaeng Bangchak boat pier to Wat Intraramvoraviharn in Thonburi district. On the way, he planned to meet local people in the area before proceeding to pay respect to the statue of King Taksin the Great.