11 July 2024

An infuriated Prime Minister Gen Prayut Chan-o-cha today hit back at veteran politician Sanoh Thienthong who had earlier cast doubts on the possibility of his return to power after the election.

“He should go home and rest. How could he look down upon Thai people that way?” Prayut said.

Sanoh, who is Pheu Thai party’s chief advisor and a political veteran representing Sa Kaew province, had questioned Prayut’s chance of becoming prime minister again after the election. “Even if he has 250 senators behind him, he still would not make it,” Sanoh said.

Sanoh also boasted that his Pheu Thai Party will win as many as 200 seats in the upcoming election and suggested that Prayut would not be able to govern even if he was nominated as prime minister.

“Why not?” Prayut shot back when asked by a reporter to comment on Sanoh’s remarks.

He then added: “Would Thai people allow the country to return to chaos? Would they let them provoke troubles again?…Whether or not (next government) will survive depends on how it works, its policies and good governance.”