11 July 2024
Thailand news COVID-19

Prime minister Prayut Chan-o-cha said the COVID-19 outbreak in Thailand, the availability of the field hospital beds and the government’s disease control measures are all still in acceptable levels.

Prayut said the quantity of new cases being discovered each day seems high because the country is conducting mass screening, to bring infected people into the system, in order to contain the outbreak.

He said the government has been following the situation very closely, day by day. The measures are discussed on a monthly basis, or more frequently if needed.

Regarding vaccine procurement, Thailand is still in negotiations with the countries of origin of the vaccines. Progress depends on the laws in those countries, as well as the law in Thailand, he said, adding that he expects the vaccines to arrive in Thailand as scheduled. The government will soon finalize the inoculation priority plan and timing. He said, however, that everyone has a right of access to the vaccine.

The prime minister reiterated the importance of hygiene measures, even if already inoculated. He said, if everyone follows the guidelines, the country will be able to get through the outbreak, as it did during the first outbreak last year.

Regarding the reopening of schools on Monday, Prayut asked all schools to adhere to the disease control guidelines, adding that any schools found violating the requirements will be ordered to close.

There will also be more inspection of high-risk venues to make sure everyone follows the guidelines, he said.