11 July 2024

Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha admitted today (Tuesday ) that he had sought permission from His Majesty the King for his message, delivered during the swearing-in ceremony on July 16th, to be provided in a written form for his cabinet.

He displayed to the media the King’s framed written message with the Royal signature after a brief ceremony at Government House.

The Prime Minister said he was grateful for the King’s kindness, adding that he would place the framed Royal message either in his office at Government House or at home.

In the message HM the King blessed the Prime Minister and his cabinet wishing them spirit, confidence and determination to perform their duties and fulfill their oaths, for the happiness of the people and security of the nation.

The King said that it is normal to be face obstacles or problems in any job and they must be dealt with. He expressed his desire for the government to have the fortitude and strength to perform their duties with righteousness.

Commenting on the Opposition’s plan to censure him in parliament without a vote, he said that he would answer their questions himself because he feels the issue concerns him directly.