11 July 2024

The transport minister, Suriya Juangroongruangkit, has urged the maximum sanction against the Pink Line train service operator, following the accidental opening of a door while a train was in motion last week.

He described the incident as a serious lapse in the safety protocols of Northern Bangkok Monorail (NBM). “I have already instructed the Mass Rapid Transit Authority (MRTA) to ensure that NBM is held accountable.”

Last Thursday, a passenger on the Pink Line recorded a train door opening while running between Lat Pla Khao and Nonthaburi stations.

The video, which went viral, clearly shows that the train was high above the ground. It was very fortunate that no one was standing or leaning on the door at the time.

The train came to an emergency halt after an official on board heard a strange sound.

It was discovered that a passenger’s bag had become trapped outside, caught in a closed carriage door. When the door could not be opened to retrieve the bag, the control team ordered the train to return to Lat Pla Khao station.

A miscommunication, however, led to the door opening before the train reached the station.

Suriya said on Sunday that “The safety of our public transportation cannot be compromised or negotiated.

The MRTA will inform the operator that, if they fail to improve the safety measures, they will be punished and their performance scores will be cut. They will also be prohibited from entering bids for ministry contracts.”