11 July 2024

Representatives of the Swine Raisers Association of Thailand (SRAT) are scheduled to meet with the director-general of the Livestock Development Department to discuss falling pork prices and the smuggling of pork from abroad.

Meanwhile, the Customs Department reported the seizure of 90,000kg of pork found in three cargo containers, which had been left unclaimed at Laem Chabang deep-sea port for more than 30 days.  It appears that the pork was imported from Russia and Brazil.

The customs chief at the seaport, Thitipong Kamphui, said that his office has sent samples of the seized pork to the Livestock Development Department for examination, to determine whether the entire shipment contained banned meat. If so, all of it will be destroyed.

There are about 60 unclaimed cargo containers at the port, which are yet to be opened for inspection.

SRAT President Suntaraporn Singreewong blamed the falling prices of locally-produced pork on pork being smuggled into Thailand from abroad which, he pointed out, may bring with it diseases, such as African Swine Fever.

He also said that pig raisers in Thailand’s northern provinces believe that the falling pork prices may be attributable to a major producer dumping pork at lower prices onto the market.

Ex-farm pork prices have been steadily falling, to between 84 and 88 baht/kg, against the production cost of about 100 baht/kg. About one million kilogrammes of smuggled pork were seized last year, but SRAT claims that this amount accounts for only about 5% of the pork smuggled into the country.