12 July 2024

Ten more community isolation facilities are being set up on Thailand’s Phuket Island as COVID-19 infections surge.

The province’s Governor Narong Woonsiew said today (Saturday) that the spike in infections on the popular resort island, currently averaging more than 200 cases a day, is similar to the situation in Bangkok about two months ago and there is serious concern among local people that the hospitals will be overwhelmed.

The governor disclosed that there are about 300 infected people waiting to be admitted to hospitals and the numbers are expected to grow.

To solve the problem, he said that he has instructed local officials and community leaders to set up community isolation facilities in every sub-district, to accommodate asymptomatic cases so they are separated from their families and communities to prevent further spread of the disease.

Eight hotels in Thalang and Muang districts and two more in Krathu district are being transformed into community isolation facilities.

In the meantime, health officials have accelerated the administration of vaccine booster shots for local residents and well as migrant workers.