11 July 2024

The tourist island of Phuket is headed for a complete lockdown as its airport will be closed to all traffic starting April 10, according to an order of Governor Pakkapong Thaweepat.

The governor had earlier closed all land and sea access to and from the southern province in a bid to curb the ravaging coronavirus.  The order took effect starting today and lasting until April 30.

The Phuket airport will be closed between April 10-30.


Phuket is the first province in Thailand to have imposed a stringent lockdown.  The northeastern province of Buriram had earlier imposed a partial lockdown but still allowed traffic in and of the province to continue.

Starting midnight today, the only land route linking the island with the mainland, at Tha Chatchai, has been closed to traffic.  All vehicles, except trucks carrying consumer products, LPG, fuel, construction materials, medical supplies, rescue vehicles, ambulances, government vehicles and those with permission, are forbidden crossing into or out of the province.


All boats are forbidden to arrive at or depart from the island, with similar exceptions.  Boat skippers and crew members must go through a screening process before being allowing to disembark.

Members and families of diplomatic corps and international organizations working in Phuket must obtain documents from the Thai Foreign Affairs Ministry to certify their presence in Thailand and “fit to travel” certificates from a doctor.