11 July 2024

Most respondents to a recent opinion poll want one minimum wage rate to be applied across the country, instead of several rates and that the Bt2-16 wage increase proposed by the Wage Committee is too low, according to the National Institute of Development Administration (NIDA).

NIDA gauged the opinions of 1,310 people, aged 18 and over, from multiple professions and educational levels all over the country between December 13 and 15 on the subject of minimum wages and salaries of government officials.

The poll shows that 35.11% of the respondents want a flat minimum wage rate to be applied nationwide, 28.40% say the 2-16 baht wage proposed by the Wage Committee is too low, while 28.32% say the increase is appropriate. 6.18% say wages should be frozen for the time being, 0.84% say the increase is too much and 1.15% say they are not interested in this issue.

On November 28th, the cabinet decided to increase the salaries for new civil service recruits to 18,000 baht per month within two years, starting in the 2024 fiscal year, with the first pay rise expected in the middle of next year. While the pay rise is not adjusted, the new recruits will receive cost of living support from the government.

For officials who have been in the service for more than two years, their salary base will be adjusted and pay must be higher than 18,000 baht for new recruits. Senior officials, at C-9 or director level, will not receive a pay rise, because their salary base is already high enough.

For civil servants, the poll shows 48.93% say the salary adjustment is appropriate, 28.63% say all government officials should have their pay increased, 13.68% disagree with a pay adjustment now, 3.74% say the pay increase is too small, 3.51% say the pay is too much and 1.53% say they are not interested in this matter.