11 July 2024

A non-commissioned police officer in Pattaya has been abruptly transferred to the operations centre of Chon Buri Provincial Police Office after being accused of extorting 30,000 baht from a tourist, who was allegedly caught with an electronic cigarette.

“Noppakrit”, an NCO attached to Pattaya police, is reported to have arrested a member of a Chinese tour group, as they were strolling along Walking Street in the resort city last weekend. An electronic cigarette is alleged to have been found in his possession.

It is alleged that the officer initially demanded 60,000 baht from the man, in return for letting him go without any charge, but the amount was negotiated down by half.

The incident in Pattaya comes amidst a police extortion scandal in Bangkok, in which seven Huai Khwang police officers are accused of extorting 27,000 baht from a visiting Taiwanese actress, also accused of possessing an electronic cigarette.

The actress, however, claimed that she was framed by the police, saying that the cigarette device was put in her hand by the police. The officers concerned have been transferred and are the subjects of a disciplinary investigation.