11 July 2024

The BTS sky train operator is appealing to passengers with long hair not to flick it in a way that would touch the faces of other passengers, especially during rush hours.

The administrator of the BTS webpage said in its Facebook post that the company had received some complaints from commuters about people flicking their hair on the train and, sometimes, accidentally touching the faces, eyes or mouths of other passengers.

Passengers with long hair are being asked to exercise caution when they are on the train, particularly during rush hours, by holding the end of long hair when they board, alight or walk past other passengers, to maintain a good atmosphere while travelling on public transport.

Passengers using the sky train in the morning rush hour, when many passengers have to stand close to one another, told Thai PBS that, sometimes, someone’s hair has been swept across their face, but that they are reticent to say anything.

The operator of the BTS has also asked passengers not to sit with their legs crossed or bring durian onto the train.