11 July 2024

Park rangers have been trying to rescue an injured and aging gaur, which was found lying in woods on privately-owned land in Pak Chong district, near Khao Yai National Park, on Saturday.

Responding to a 1362 hotline call from a man, identified only as “Somchai”, officials from the Khao Phaeng Ma non-hunting zone were immediately dispatched to the location in Village 2, Mu Si sub-district, where the injured gaur had been spotted.

Observing the gaur from a safe distance, one of the officials said that the animal, estimated to be about 15 years old, was injured and could barely walk, adding that they initially planned to use a tranquiliser dart to sedate the animal before moving it to a wildlife shelter for treatment.

They dropped that idea after a veterinarian said that the tranquiliser may kill the animal and suggested that the park rangers wait until the animal regains its ability to walk, before capturing it and treating its injuries.