11 July 2024

The bi-partisan parliamentary panel, tasked with studying the six motions proposing amendments to Thailand’s constitution, is scheduled to meet for the first time next Wednesday in Parliament.

Government chief whip Mr. Wirat Rattanaseth said today that the 31 members of the panel will study the proposed amendments and compare notes on points on which they can agree, and which points over which they have differing opinions, and will try to narrow the gap.

He dismissed an allegation that the decision to set up the panel, instead of voting on each of the six motions, as originally scheduled yesterday, is a delay tactic, adding that he is confident the panel will be able to complete its task within a month and return the six motions to the joint sitting of Parliament for debate and voting.

The panel is made up of 15 senators and 16 government MPs.  The opposition parties have boycotted the panel.

The 15 senators are Mr. Klanarong Chanthik, Mrs. P Leevirote, Mr. Jadet Insawang, Mr. Jate Sirathanont, Pol Gen Chatchawal Sooksomchit, Mr. Direkrith Dejklongtham, Mr. Duang Inthachai, Mr. Thawil Pliensri, Mr. Mahannop Detvithak, Mr. Wararat Atipaet, Mr. Veerasak Kwosurat, General Somjate Boonthanom, Mr. Somchai Sawaengkarn, Mrs. Surannee Sirivecchapant and Mr. Seri Suwanpanont.

The 16 government MPs are Palang Pracharat MPs Wirat Rattanaseth, Mr. Chaivuth Thanamanusorn, Mr. Paiboon Nitisuwan, Mr. Surasith Nithivuthivorarak, Mr. Rong Boonsueykwan, Mr. Vichien Chavalit, Mr. Boonsing Warinrak and Mr. Suchart Usaha;

The Bhumjaithai MPs are Mr. Supachai Jaisamut, Mr. Wirat Panthumaphol, Ms. Malika Chiraphanvanich and Mr. Nutchanon Srikorkua.

The Democrat MPs are Mr. Issara Somchai, Mr. Akkaradet Wongpitakrote and Mr. Chinnavorn Bunyakiat.

The Chart Thai Pattana MP is Mr. Nakorn Chamnong.