11 July 2024

Over half of the respondents to a Suan Dusit Poll feel that the performance of the pre and post-election governments under Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha are the same.

The poll gauged the opinions of 1,223 people from various occupations across the country between October 1st and 5th.

51.68% of the respondents said there is no difference in the performance of the two governments because they contain the same people in charge and the same old policies.

41.70%, however, said the performance of the post-election government is worse, citing the economic slowdown, widespread poverty and failure to address the root causes of problems.

6.62% of the respondents said they feel the performance has improved, citing the government’s “Chim-Shop-Chai” program and the populist Welfare Card scheme.

On the achievements of the post-election government, 49.11% of the respondents gave the thumbs-up to the Chim-Shop-Chai government scheme to boost the weakening domestic economy.

43.78% cited the government’s ability to maintain peace and order and 30.67% praised the government for investment in infrastructure development projects, such as the electric and high-speed train projects.

Regarding the government’s poor performance, 67.87% said the government has failed to control the prices of goods or the cost of living. 40.42% said the government has failed to stop drug trafficking and corruption and 22.43% cited government’s failure to keep its promise to increase wages.

56.94% of respondents said the government remains unable to resolve economic and bread and butter problems. 31.61% said the government has failed to address social disparity and 28.55% said the government has failed to curb corruption in development projects.