Over 90% of Thai people want a total ban on foreign arrivals

Over 90% of respondents to a recent opinion poll fear the prospect of the second wave of COVID-19 infections and they want a complete ban on foreign arrivals in Thailand, according to a Suan Dusit Poll.

The poll gauged the opinions of 1,459 people, between July 14th and 18th, about their concerns over the possibility of a second COVID-19 outbreak, following two incidents last week. One concerned Egyptian military mission members breaking self-confinement rules and the other involved a Sudanese diplomatic family, staying at a condominium instead of state quarantine facility, with one member of the family infected by the virus.

The poll shows 52.23% of the respondents are very concerned about the two incidents and 39.68% are quite concerned, while the rest are not concerned at all.

On the question of how to prevent a second wave of infections, 94.51% want the Government to forbid all foreigners from entering Thailand, 86.41% suggest stringent screening processes, 83.80% say people must wear face masks and regularly wash their hands, 81.40% suggest the Government keeps people updated about the pandemic and 76.73% want free access to COVID-19 tests.

95.89% of the respondents are most concerned about the prospect of a second wave of infections, 94.45% are most concerned about losing their jobs, 92.05% are worry most about business closures, 84.17% about their children’s schooling and 82.39% fear a new round of lockdown restrictions.

73.82% believe there will be another round of lockdowns, while the rest dismiss it as a possibility.

In order to ease public concerns, 47.38% of the respondents suggest the Government should tighten up screening measures without exceptions, 33.43% want a total ban on foreign arrivals and 23.20% want the Government to address any problems related to the disease quickly.


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