11 July 2024

More than 80% of people living in Bangkok are satisfied with the performance of Governor Chadchart Sittipunt in the six months since he took office, according to a National Institute of Development Administration (NIDA) poll.

7.93% of the respondents said they are not satisfied at all with his performance, because he has failed to fulfil his promises and has been unable to solve the city’s chronic problems, such as flooding and traffic congestion.

NIDA gauged the opinions of 1,500 people, aged 18 and over, of different occupations, levels of education and incomes in Bangkok’s 50 districts on November 25th and 26th.

The respondents were asked how they feel about the governor’s performance in 17 areas and to rate it as either very good, good, not good enough or not good at all.

The performance ratings in accordance with each area are as follows:

  1. Increase of green areas or public parks: 39.07% very good; 36.40% good; 13.33% not good enough and 9.13% not good at all.
  2. Tourism promotion: 38.13% very good; 40.54% good; 11.33% not good enough and 7.53% not good at all.
  3. Sports promotion: 34.87% very good; 38.40% good; 14.60% not good enough and 9% not good at all.
  4. Cleanliness regarding garbage, dust and waste water: 33.13% very good; 39.73% good; 16.40% not good enough and 9.87% not good at all.
  5. Flooding: 31.80% very good; 34.87% good; 18.93% not good enough and 13.40% not good at all.
  6. Public services at city administration offices: 29.53% very good; 40.40% good; 16% not good enough and 9.67% not good at all.
  7. Pedestrian pavements: 29.27% very good; 41.13% good; 16.07% not good enough and 10.53% not good at all.
  8. Landscape improvements: 29.20% very good; 41.33% good; 18.07% not good enough and 10.27% not good at all.
  9. Health: 25.33% very good; 42.67% good; 25.33% not good enough and 17.93% not good at all.
  10. Community management: 24.53% very good; 37.80% good; 17.33% not good enough and 16.54% not good at all.
  11. Public safety: 24.40% very good; 39.13% good; 21.54% not good enough and 12.33% not good at all.
  12. Corruption: 23.87% very good; 30.60% good; 21.60% not good enough and 16.06% not good at all.
  13. Education and youth issues: 22.13% very good; 38.47% good; 20.20% not good enough and 12.13% not good at all.
  14. Public transport development: 21.87% very good; 42.13% good; 18.07% not good enough and 10.60% not good at all.
  15. Traffic congestion: 18.40% very good; 44.60% good; 21.00% not good enough and 14.13% not good at all.
  16. Issues regarding homeless people and beggars: 39.13% very good; 25.60% good; 16.87% not good enough and 14.07% not good at all.
  17. Cost of living: 10.07% very good; 32.26% not good enough; 31.40% good and 20.40% not good at all.

When asked how satisfied they are with the governor’s overall performance, 38.93% said they are very satisfied, because he is dedicated to his responsibilities and responsive to the people’s problems; 42.60% said they are satisfied because he is hard working and determined to improve the city.