11 July 2024

The new online “Traffy Fondue” platform, launched by the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) under its new governor Chadchart Sittipunt, received 17,811 complaints from Bangkok residents in its first 11 days, revealing many everyday problems in the capital.

During the Traffy Fondue seminar and training on Friday, deputy governor Sanon Wangsangboon said that all the district offices in Bangkok had logged into the system and learned how to use it. The number of complaints increased 13 fold, from 1,300 initially to almost 18,000, said Sanon.

“There are compliments from users about the solutions provided too,” said the deputy governor, while stressing officials had to work on coordination with external organisations as well as the categorisation of the issues to ensure efficiency.

Chadchart, who is currently on personal leave to attend his son’s graduation in the USA, also joined the seminar virtually. In his remarks to officials from Bangkok’s 50 districts, the governor said Traffy Fondue is a revolution in public service. More platforms will be introduced in the future, the technology in which will make work easier for officials, said Chadchart.

Traffy Fondue is designed to connect Bangkok’s residents with officials and enable them to report everyday problems, from traffic jams to garbage collection, more conveniently. It aims to increase efficiency in public service, cutting down the procedures and expediting the processes.

The platform is also one of Chadchart’s key campaign pledges, to provide solutions to minor, everyday issues, in a bid to make Bangkok a liveable city for everyone.