11 July 2024

The seven-party Opposition will seize the opportunity of the government’s policy statement to parliament, starting on July 25th, to censure the government as well as some individual ministers.

Pheu Thai deputy leader and an opposition whip, Mr. Chavalit Vichayasuth, said on Sunday that the Opposition’s debate on the government’s policy statement will be a rehearsal for the real no-confidence debate to take place in the future.

He said the Opposition was waiting for the text of the policy statement from the government, after which opposition parties will meet to study the statement in detail to find out whether it covers all the policies promised by pro-government parties during the election campaign.

In addition to the policy statement, he indicated that the Opposition will also touch on the past records of some ministers during the debate.

Prachachart party secretary-general, Thavee Sodsong, said the Opposition will target the merits of the government’s policies as well as on the ministers concerned.

Speaking at a seminar on the issue of paraquat herbicide, Bio Thai director Vitoon Loenchamroon said Bio-Thai had submitted to the Opposition research papers by Mahidol University about traces of paraquat and glyphosate in the blood of pregnant women which, he said, reflects the presence of the chemicals in the food chain.

He also said that study had shown that 41% of vegetables and fruit available in the market are contaminated with toxic chemicals, such as chlorpyrifos and glyphosate.

Bio-Thai has proposed a ban on paraquat, chlorpyrifos and glyphosate, said Vitoon, adding that the Opposition has accepted the proposal and promised to push for the ban.