11 July 2024

Chiang Mai residents who are against judges’ housing project at Doi Suthep foothill plan to demonstrate at the Tha Pae town’s gate in the northern city on Sunday as a show of force to demand the return of the land back to Mother Nature.

One group of about 20 opponents against the housing project, the Maeping watershed conservation group led by Mr Nikhom Putsa, arrived in front of the Region 5 Appeals Court at about noon Saturday after a marathon walk from Chiang Dao district.

The group observed a moment of silence in front of the sign board of the court as a monk who joined the group in the marathon walk chanted prayers.

The group will join others at Tha Pae gate tomorrow.

A panel discussion on sustainable forest management was held in the afternoon today at the auditorium of the Law Faculty of Chiang Mai University.

Nikhom said his group wanted to remind all stakeholders to be aware of Mother Nature and the good of Dui Suthep forest toward the people of Chiang Mai and not to destroy the forest.

Earlier this year, environment and civic groups in Chiang Mai protested against the housing project of the Region 5 Appeals Court on Doi Suthep foothill, claiming that the housing project would ruin the forest.  In April, the government stepped in to order a halt of the construction project and that the project should be relocated to elsewhere.