11 July 2024

An army officer was killed in a firefight with insurgents hiding in a forest peat swamp in the southern border province of Narathiwat on Saturday night, as government forces tightened up their control of the area to prevent the insurgents from escaping.

Today (Sunday), Lt-Gen Kriangkrai Srilak, commander of the southern 4th Army Region, expressed condolences to the family of Lt Krisana Petchamras, who was fatally wounded in a clash with some of the insurgents who tried to break away from the six day siege of the swamp.

An excavator has been used by security forces to clear the thick undergrowth on the edge of the swamp, so they can get a better view of the scene.

5 or 6 insurgents are believed to be hiding in the area, in Bareh Tai sub-district of Bacho district, after they murdered another para-military ranger six days ago.

Muslim community and religious leaders have been invited to try to talk the besieged insurgents into surrendering, but to no avail so far.