11 July 2024

Over the past two days, about one million people, who were disqualified from receiving the Government’s monthly 5,000 baht hardship subsidy, have submitted their appeals, Mr. Thanakorn Wangboonkongchana, secretary to the finance minister, said today.

He advised the appellants to prepare necessary documents, such as their ID cards and photos, to confirm they used to have a job or previous occupation, water, rental and/or electricity receipts, to be shown to officials who will visit their residences.

He assured that, once the officials have endorsed their documents, the petitioners will have the 5,000 baht subsidy wired into their bank accounts for three months.


23.5 million people have registered for the subsidy, but only 4.2 million have passed the qualification screening and payments are already being transferred.

The second group of 6.3 million people were told to submit additional information and 4.4 million have already reported to officials with the required documents. 1.9 million are in the process of completing online questionnaires and about 10.6 million have been disqualified, but still have the right to appeal.