Old, haunted Crown Property buildings to be rented out for commercialization

(Photo) The Green House, in Pak Hai district of Ayutthaya province/www.siamsoldier.com

The Treasury Department is surveying about 200 old Crown Property buildings throughout the country, several of which are reputed to be haunted, for possible development for commercial purposes while retaining their architectural and aesthetic characteristics.

Mr. Amnuay Preemonwong, director-general of the Treasury Department, said that most of these old buildings are over 100 years old, with several of them being abandoned and not properly maintained.

He added that several of these buildings were under the care of state agencies, but the department will recall them for development for commercial purposes if they have been abandoned by the agencies concerned.

He cited the case of the Green House, in Pak Hai district of Ayutthaya province, belonging to Khun Pitak Boriharn, an official during the reign of King Chulalongkorn, and the old customs office building in the northeastern province of Nong Khai, bordering the Laos PDR.

In Bangkok, he disclosed that there are 21 such old buildings, located on prime land, which have the potential to be developed and turned into boutique hotels and restaurants.

Mr. Amnuay said that there are people, tourists included, who prefer to stay or eat in places said to be haunted as a thrill or to be part of the history, adding that this would attract investors as well.

The old buildings will be renovated, while preserving their historical value and architectural characteristics, and rented out to those who are interested.


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