11 July 2024

Nonthaburi’s governor, Suchin Chaichumsak, is seeking the cooperation of the province’s residents, asking them to stay at home between 11pm and 5am.

In an announcement issued today, backed by the Infectious Disease Act B.E. 2558, the Governor said that the voluntary measure is necessary due to the relentless increase in COVID-19 infections in Nonthaburi.

If this situation is allowed to persist unchecked, the health system could be overwhelmed, said the Governor.

Nonthaburi now ranks second to Bangkok, in terms of total infections, with 79 confirmed cases as of Monday.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Interior submitted to the cabinet a draft Royal decree today, to designate the whole country as an anti-hoarding zone. If approved, it will empower authorities to search any premises suspected of hoarding essential items needed in the fight against COVID-19 pandemic.

Supplies of several essential items, such as face masks, PPE, sanitizer gel and eggs, have dried up, and hoarding, by unscrupulous profiteers is being blamed for the shortages.

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