11 July 2024

The Krathum Baen district hospital, in Thailand’s coastal province of Samut Sakhon, has postponed all non-urgent surgery and doctor appointments until further notice, after several medical personnel and patients were found to be infected by COVID-19.

According to the hospital, between 80 and 100 people, who arrived at the hospital for COVID-19 testing, have tested positive for the virus, putting a lot of pressure on the hospital’s capacity to accommodate them.

As a result, the hospital has decided to postpone all appointments for non-urgent cases, as well as appointments for non-urgent surgical procedures. The service for emergency cases, however, remains as normal.

In the southern border province of Yala, several public health volunteers in the Tha Thong sub-district of Raman district, have been quarantined, affecting the monitoring of asymptomatic cases in home isolation.

In a village, where 70 people were infected and sent to a field hospital for treatment, it is reported that most of the villagers have stayed at home for their own safety. To ease their hardships and need for food, lunch boxes and drinking water have been sent to the villagers by district officials and members of the local media.

In the southern coastal province of Krabi, Deputy Governor Anuwat Modpring today (Wednesday) inspected an Islamic school, in Sai Khao sub-district of Khlong Thom district, to keep track of the COVID-19 situation and the measures already in place to contain the virus, which has so far infected 192 students.

The school has been converted into a field hospital, accommodating about 700 high-risk people, with the symptomatic cases being sent to a field hospital inside an army barracks in Khlong Thom for treatment.

In the southern province of Songkhla, the railway market in the municipal area has been closed indefinitely, after many vendors were found to be infected. The Keha market, which is also in the municipal area, has also been closed.