11 July 2024

The Civil Aviation Authority of Thailand (CAAT) has further eased domestic air travel service restrictions, by doing away with the on-board social distancing requirement.

CCAT Director Mr. Chula Sookmanop said today that, from now on, airlines can sell all the seats on each flight, without the need to leave some vacant for social distancing.

The airlines, however, must improve their in-flight air ventilation systems and replace the high efficiency particulate air filters on a regular basis, in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations.

The airlines must also warn their passengers that they may face legal action if they do not wear face mask throughout the flight.

Meanwhile, Transport Minister Saksayam Chidchob said Thursday that, from July 1st, family members travelling together on electric trains in Bangkok will be allowed to sit together, because the duration of each trip does not exceed 50 minutes.

He said that he has instructed the Mass Rapid Transit Authority of Thailand (MRT) to inform the public about this new seating arrangement for the Blue and Purple lines, explaining that the easing of restrictions was in line with the improvement of the COVID-19 situation and to reduce costs for the MRT.

Mr. Saksayam also distributed free face masks to train commuters on Thursday, as part of the MRT’s “Healthy Journey with BEM” programme, to encourage commuters to wear them.

One million face masks are to be distributed between now and August.