11 July 2024
 The National Legislative Assembly is set to debate next week five bills proposed by the government to raise the salaries of officials of the court and other independent organizations.

NLA whip Yutthana Tapcharoen said the pay adjustments are intended to make the salary scales of the judges, public prosecutors and officials of independent organizations such as the National Human Rights Commission, the National Anti-Corruption Commission, the Election Commission and the State Audit Office, in line with the changing economic situation.

He said the pay rise will be retroactive to 2014 for all the officials except for the officials of the National Human Rights Commission whose salaries will be adjusted retroactively to 2005 with the government having set aside a 450-million baht fund for the adjustments.

The adjusted salaries are as follows:  83,090 baht for the presidents of the Supreme Court, the Supreme Administrative Court and Constitutional Court plus 55,000-baht allowance; 81,920 baht for the attorney-general, presidents of the NACC, the EC, the NHRC and the State Audit Council plus 50,000 -baht allowance; 80,540 baht in salary plus 42,500 baht in allowance for committee members of the independent oragnizations.