11 July 2024

Non-governmental organisations, under the umbrella of the NGO Coordinating Committee and the People’s Network, have issued an open letter to all political parties, urging them to vote for a proposed amendment to Section 272 of the Constitution, which would strip senators of the right to elect the next prime minister.

The amendment is scheduled to be debated during a joint session of the Senate and House of Representatives tomorrow (Tuesday), with a vote expected the following day.

The NGOs say that their members will rally in front of parliament tomorrow, to observe the debate from the outside.

They claim that the bid to amend Section 272 was proposed by members of the public, as permissible by the Constitution and a law which allows the submission of petitions, signed by at least 50,000 citizens, to propose changes to laws.

Five Bills seeking to amend the charter, including three proposed by the opposition Pheu Thai Party, are to be debated on Tuesday and Wednesday, followed by voting.

The most significant bill, however, is the one which seeks to strip senators of their right to elect the prime minister.