11 July 2024

The Nonthaburi municipal administration has built a new flood wall, using over 300,000 sand bags stretching overabout 10kms parallel to the Chao Phraya River, to protect the economic zone in Muang district from river overflows.

Charin Sinsa-nguan, chief the public disaster prevention and mitigation office in Nonthaburi, said today (Monday) that the new flood wall will also protect the district’s clock tower and drainage system, to prevent water from the swollen river fromseeping into the inner economic zone.

He also explained that the new flood wall is necessary to prevent a repeat of the flooding of about three days ago.

Officials in charge of monitoring the water situation in the Chao Phraya River have been instructed to report on an hourly basis but, in case of an emergency, to report every 15 minutes.

Officials say that more water is being discharged downstream through the sluice gate in Bang Sai district of Ayutthaya province towards Nonthaburi province.

The express boat and ferry services at the Nonthaburi pier continue to run as usual today, but commuters noted that the water level in the river has been rising daily overr the past two weeks.