11 July 2024

The southernmost province of Narathiwat is in crisis as all 13 districts remain submerged for days, a result of consecutive heavy downpours.

Scores of people trapped inside their houses have urgently requested assistance. Many were seen sitting on their roofs waiting for the rescue as their houses are under the water.

Dozens of people trapped inside their houses have alerted authorities, many of whom were spotted sitting on their roofs, waiting for rescue as their houses were submerged in water.

=Strong waves have severed the main roads linking several districts to the downtown district of Muang Narathiwat. Rescue workers and police were seen helping people move their belongings, including cars and motorcycles, to higher ground.

In Yi-ngo district, authorities have provided boats for people to relocate their assets, as the inundations are so high that vehicles cannot pass.

Meanwhile, in Cho-airong district, rangers from the 48th unit used inflatable motorboats to evacuate people from Ta-ngor village, which has been submerged under high floodwaters. The rangers from the 45th unit assisted those from Mae village in evacuating their cattle as the floods continue to rise.

All southern trains to Sungai Kolok station in Narathiwat will terminate at Yala station for the time being, pending a reduction in flooding.