Muay Thai self-defense against Asian hate crimes – Thai PBS World Tonight [8th June 2021]

This is Ploy Vejsakon, a 64 year-old Thai woman who lives in Los Angeles in the USA, and she has started Muay Thai training at a Thai Buddhist temple today, to learn self-defence. She has been the victim of crimes 4 times in the past several years, and feels that learning Muay Thai will help her to defend herself.

Ploy is one of many who have joined the “Self-Defence Muay Thai Class,” organized by the Rotary Club of Thai Town in Los Angeles, with the hope that this will strengthen their community in fighting against violence against Asians.

Asian hate crime has been on the rise in the past year. The most recent one to hit the headlines was an 84-year-old Thai man whowas attacked during his morning walk in Northern California. He died of a brain hemorrhage 2 days later in the hospital.

In this basic Muay Thai course, trainers from several gyms across California have come together to teach participants of all ages.

David Huey, a Muay Thai coach and a co-founder of the Muay Thai gym in Los Angeles, is one of the instructors. He’s here to teach self-defence techniques and popular Muay Thai moves,such as knee-kicks and groin attacks.

Apart from the training course at the temple, there is also an outdoor course at the West Chester recreation center in Los Angeles. It draws very diverse participants, who are eager to learn more about martial arts.

The event here is not just about Muay Thai, because people also have the opportunity to learn more about Thai culture and Thai food as well, with part of the revenues going to charities addressing hate crime.

Dan Mayid said that the outdoor environment makes people less nervous to start martial arts. This helps to show that Muay Thai is for everybody.


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