11 July 2024

A combined total of 313 votes in the House are sufficient for the coalition partners, led by Move Forward, to form a stable government and the party is confident that senators will have positive opinion of the party once they see its memorandum of understanding (MoU), said Chaithawat Tulathong, Move Forward party secretary-general, today (Saturday).

In his capacity as the government formation manger, Chaithawat said he has held discussions with a group of senators, a number of whom have expressed concerns over the Move Forward party’s policies and hope that the new government will not cause any more political conflict.

He claimed that, after the discussions, the senators have a better understanding and are positive about the Move Forward party.

He said that, after an extraordinary meeting of the Senate next Tuesday, senators are expected to hold an informal meeting to discuss how they should vote on the party’s prime ministerial candidate, Pita Limjaroenrat.

As for the MoU, Chaithawat said that the negotiations among coalition partners are proceeding smoothly, as they review the document and propose changes to key issues.

A meeting of the coalition partners is scheduled for tomorrow to discuss the MoU, before it is finalised on Monday.

Chaithawat said the MoU will address the aspirations of the people, who want to see reforms take place in this country, be they structural, economic, political, elimination of corruption or closing the political divide, so Thailand can progress to a better future.

With the current coalition in the House, the Move Forward party needs at least 63 votes from senators for the approval of Pita as Thailand’s 30th prime minister, or at least 376 votes from a combination of MPs and senators.