11 July 2024

Most respondents to an opinion survey do not agree with the Transport Ministry’s decision to allow taxi fares to be increased while their services remain unimproved.

The poll by the National Institute of Development Administration (NIDA) sampled the opinions of 1,505 respondents in Bangkok and its suburbs about the Transport Ministry’s decision.

The new taxi fare rates are as follows:

  • 35 baht starting price remains unchanged
  • 50 baht from 6 baht for 1-10 km distance
  • 3 baht instead of 2 baht for every minute that a taxi is stuck in traffic
  • Surcharge from 50 baht to 70 baht to be charged for passengers hailing taxis at airports
  • 20-baht for the third piece of luggage or more

The survey shows 65.52% of the respondents disagree with the 6.50 baht/km rate for 1-10 km distance, claiming that the old rate is high enough and taxi service is not good enough. 35.02% agree with the fare rise.

On the new fare rate for taxis caught in traffic, from two to three baht/minute, 81% of the respondents disagree with the rate increase, claiming that getting stuck in traffic is normal, while 18.07% agree with the rate adjustment.

On airport surcharge increase, 81% of the respondents disagree, claiming that taxi drivers will have to serve passengers anyway while 18% agree, saying that this may help solve the problem of cabbies refusing to accept passengers.

On the luggage charge, 64.7% disagree, claiming that the taxi fare is already inclusive of luggage and there should not be additional charges, while 34.06% agree with the additional charge.