11 July 2024

Most poll respondents do not believe that Thailand’s economy will improve if the Constitution is amended because they are unrelated issues. Meanwhile, some insist that economic improvement rests with the government’s economic management abilities.

The poll was conducted by the National Institute of Development Administration, or NIDA, on September 5th and 6th.  A total of 1,260 respondents, aged 18 and over and representing different occupations and educational levels across the country, were asked whether Thailand’s economy will improve if the charter is emended, what they think about the current state of the economy and what is behind the current economic slowdown.

Regarding the slowdown, the poll shows 46.67% of respondents blame the government for its inefficacy in tackling economic problems; 29.21% blame high prices of consumer goods set against low incomes; 24.13% blame the global economy; 22.54% blame politicians for not being serious about solving economic problems; 20.79% blame low farm prices and 13.65% blame natural causes, such as drought and flooding.

Asked whether they believe the economy will improve with an amended Constitution, the poll shows 32.14% do not believe so, noting that the two issues are not related and it depends on the government’s efficacy in economic management; 22.38% say they believe the economy will improve as the government focuses more on economic problems; 22.14% are not so because the charter amendments and economy are unrelated and 16.43% strongly believe the economy will improve once the charter is amended.