11 July 2024

More than 2,400 vaccinated travelers from eight countries like the UK, France, and the US are now approved to enter Singapore without quarantine, from next Tuesday.

Applications under these new Vaccinated Travel Lanes opened Wednesday.

One of the travelers approved is a British citizen Daniel Emlyn-Jones. He said he is planning to feast on Singapore’s street food, during his month-long vacation here in December. He’s already booked a flight and will be applying to enter under the Vaccinated Travel Lane. The removal of quarantine requirements is a major reason the regular visitor wants to spend his holiday here again.

“It was too expensive and difficult. But now because of the vaccinated travel lanes, it’s possible. Being Singapore, it’s dealt with extremely well, and they’re very careful and they have everything in place, you know, so I’m not worried at all in terms of coronavirus,” said Emlyn-Jones.

The new Vaccinated Travel Lanes are proving to be the most popular among UK visitors. Almost a thousand travel passes were issued to this group on the day applications opened. That’s followed by passengers from France and the US. But just 30 percent are short-term visitors.

Most of the 2,400 successful applicants from eight new travel lane countries hold long-term passes in Singapore like student or work passes. They will fly here between 19 October and 17 November.

Vaccinated Travel Lanes with two other countries Germany and Brunei opened last month, with more than 5,200 visitors approved so far.

Vaccinated Singaporeans and permanent residents can enter the country via the travel lanes, without needing to apply.

Travel platforms say interest in outbound travel has also jumped since Singapore announced the expansion of the scheme last week. The UK, South Korea, and the US are among destinations that come up the most in searches.

“We’re also seeing longer length of stays being considered for these outbound trends. Group sizes have increased, which could be an indication that families are starting to travel together,” said APAC Head of Communications at Expedia, Lavinia Rajaram.

Singapore Airlines says it’s seeing strong demand for its Vaccinated Travel Lane flights with a good mix of customers traveling for family reunions, as well as for holidays and business.

by CNA