11 July 2024

The Finance Ministry has ordered the Government Housing Bank to increase the limit of housing loans initially set at 50 billion baht for the One Million Housing Units project after it was over-applied.

Applications for the housing loans received by the GHB at its head office in Bangkok and at its branches across the country on Sunday totaled 130 billion baht in value as against the 50 billion baht fund set for the project by the bank, said GHB chairman Surachai Danaitangtrakul.

He said Finance Minister Apisak Tantiworawong  had ordered the bank to wrap up a report of the total number of applicants and the total amount of loans applied for with a proposal for the increase of the funding to  the Fiscal Economics Office for consideration first before the proposal is to be sent to the cabinet for finalization.

The bank on Tuesday announced the list of the applicants who passed the qualifications screening on its website www.ghbank.co.th .  It also sent text messages to the successful applicants so they could contact the bank and its branch offices where they applied for loans from January 2 onward within 90 days to apply for housing loans.

The cheap housing loan with 3 percent interest rate for the first five years attracted a lot of people who flocked to the bank’s head office and branch offices throughout the country on Sunday to apply for loans.