11 July 2024

Bang Bua Thong and Bang Kruai districts and more areas of Pak Kret district in Bangkok’s neighbouring province of Nonthaburi were declared flood disaster zones today (Tuesday), as overflows from the Chao Phraya River flood more areas.

Twelve communities in Bang Phut, Pak Kret, Ban Mai and Bang Talad sub-districts of Pak Kret have been declared flood disaster zones, in addition to many other communities already declared as such by Governor Suthee Tongyam.

The flood disaster areas in Bang Bua Thong district include Muang Mai Bang Bua Thong, Phimon Rat, Bang Rak Phatthana and Bang Bua Thong municipalities, Lam Pho tambon municipality, Villages 1 and 2 in Bang Bua Thong sub-district, Villages 1 and 6 in Bang Rak Yai sub-district and Villages 1, 3, 5 and 6 in Bang Rak Phatthana sub-district.

The flood disaster areas in Bang Kruai district include Bang Kruai municipality, three tambon municipalities and three Tambon Administrative Organisations.

Army Commander-in-Chief General Narongpan Jitkaewtae visited Muang district of Nonthaburi this afternoon, to observe troops who are helping to fill sand bags to be used to reinforce flood walls.

Flood walls in various locations were breached by rising waters in the Chao Phraya River, after heavy rain last night, but municipal workers have successfully plugged the gaps.

A new flood wall is hastily being built today along the Nonthaburi 1 Road, from the provincial hall to Bang Praek Canal.

General Narongpan said troops will be stationed in the Nonthaburi municipality around the clock, to help in any emergency.