11 July 2024

The Ministry of Public Health has adopted a set of preventive measures to deal with the anticipated return of PM2.5 dust particles to Bangkok, its suburbs and other provinces during the cold season, when air circulation is slower.

Provincial health officials were instructed to implement the measures during a tele-conference at the ministry on Friday with senior health officials, chaired by Dr. Sukhum Kanchanapimai, the permanent secretary.

The preventive steps include:

  • Public relations campaigns to increase public awareness about the need to protect themselves against PM2.5 particulate
  • All public health offices to be adequately-equipped to provide health services to the public
  • Special care for people with respiratory problems, the elderly, children and infirm patients
  • Opening Public Health Emergency Operation Centres (PHEOC) when PM2.5 particulate exceeds 75 microns
  • Keeping the public abreast of updates on air pollution situation on daily basis
  • Providing counselling to the public

Regarding the PHORC, Dr. Sukhum said that the provincial-level centres will be activated if PM2.5 dust particles exceed 75 microns for three consecutive days, and a regional-level centre will be set up if there is more than one provincial centre.