11 July 2024

Monsoon floods have affected nearly 100,000 people and killed at least 10 across Karen and Mon states and Bago Region in southern Myanmar, according to government media reports today.

According to the Karen State government, two children and a man died after they abandoned their home in search of shelter and their boat capsized, the Irrawaddy reported.

In Mon State, three soldiers went missing after falling into the floodwaters on Friday. The government declared three of them dead on Sunday after one of their bodies was found near the Yangon-Mawlamyine Highway.

It said the monsoon rains have flooded some 1,000 villages, destroyed roads and bridges, and forced 54,000 people from their homes over the past week.

The National Natural Disaster Management Committee issued evacuation orders on Sunday and said that 163 camps have been set up across southern Myanmar.

Large stretches of paddy fields and farmland inundated with muddy water and homes flooded to their rooftops could be seen in aerial photos of affected areas shared on social media. Some of the photos showed flood victims wading through waist-deep water in the rain, many carrying children and pets.

Many parts of Myanmar are hit by severe flooding every year during the monsoon season, damaging farms and infrastructure across the country.