12 July 2024

The Mongkutwattana Hospital, in the Chaengwattana area, will set up a field hospital, on a half hectare plot next to the hospital, to accommodate patients transferred from other medical facilities after the landowner, the Ruchirawong family, consented to the use of the land, said Dr. Rienthong Nanna, the hospital director, in his Facebook post today (Sunday).

He said that the field hospital will be able to accommodate up to 96 severe cases, who need ventilators, and 240 patients with moderate symptoms.

The field hospital is scheduled to open on Wednesday.

He also asked the local administration to relocate the street vendors close to the field hospital.

Mongkutwattana hospital is currently accommodating over 300 COVID-19 patients, 6 of whom are severe cases, and about 250 asymptomatic.