11 July 2024

Mexico’s government has resolved to approve the import of cricket powder from Thailand, specifically made from a species more commonly known as the house cricket, according to Thailand’s National Bureau of Agricultural Commodity and Food Standards (ACFS).

Pisal Pongsapich, the ACFS secretary general, said that Thailand has been negotiating with its counterparts in Mexico, boosting their confidence in Thai farm and manufacturing processes.

The import will be on the condition that the cricket powder is produced from farmed crickets, which have a Health Certificate issued by the Thai Department of Livestock Development.

Pisal said that this is a sign that Thailand is able to open the door to the Latin America markets, which widely accept edible insects at a high price and, hopefully, will enable expansion of the market to North America in the future.

Pisal also said that this is a good opportunity for Thai farmers to generate income from cricket powder exports. Mexico has a high demand for the product, and its people are familiar with eating edible insects.