11 July 2024

Health workers have fumigated the See Moom Muang market in Thailand’s Pathum Thani province, as a precautionary measure, after it was discovered that a vendor couple, who parked their pickup truck to sell vegetables there, are infected with COVID-19. They are now being treated in hospital.

Panalee Pattharaprasit, assistant managing director of the market, said that the couple are not permanent vendors at the market, but they came regularly to sell vegetables in front of the building for two hours a day.

She insisted that none of the permanent vendors at the market have been found to be infected and business goes on as normal. As a precautionary measure, however, and to assure vendors and customers alike of its safety, she said that the entire market is to be fumigated today and all truck drivers must have their temperatures checked.

She added that all vendors are required to wear face masks at all times or face a fine and being suspended from selling at the market for a week.

Ms. Panalee also said that no vendors will be allowed to bring new Myanmar migrant workers into the market, especially those who have worked at the Pornpat and Suchart markets, which are now under lockdown.

Meanwhile, the Saraburi health office reported that a fish vendor, who traded at the Pornpat market in Pathum Thani and returned to stay with her family in Sao Hai district of Saraburi,has tested positive for the virus and is now under treatment inhospital.

Five family members, who are regarded as being at high-risk, have been tested and their results are still pending.