11 July 2024

Mango orchard owners in Thailand’s northern province of Phitsanuloke are seeking help from the provincial administration to promote the sale of their sweet fruit, particularly the golden Barracuda Mangoes, locally known as Nam Dok Mai.

They complain that, because of the global COVID-19 pandemic, their mangoes are not being exported, due to fewer buyers, and their prices have plunged to between 10 and 20 baht per kilogram, depending on size.

For other varieties, they say that the prices range from 2 to 5 baht per kilogram, which do not cover their investment, adding that they have to pay the mango pickers at least 300 baht a day.

Mrs. Ubonrat Siltrakul, a provincial commerce official, said that she has formed a sales promotion team, comprising representatives of the public and private sectors, to help the orchard owners sell their mangoes online.

Meanwhile, the province’s governor is seeking help from other provincial governors to promote the sale of Phitsanuloke mangoes.

Phitsanuloke is a major producer of golden Barracuda mangoes.