11 July 2024

A man was apprehended by Phatthalung provincial police yesterday (Sunday) after he shot at a shopkeeper, stole a police car and tried to escape with his 11-year-old daughter, before colliding with a roadside utility pole.

The man’s wife told the police that her husband, 51-year-old Krirkphan, was in a drug rehabilitation program and his medication ran out two days ago, causing him to become paranoid and carry a handgun, forcing her to stay with a relative for her safety.

The man was reported to have left home for a grocery in the Pa Phayom sub-district, carrying a handgun. He allegedly fired one shot in the shop, prompting the owner to fire back,injuring the man who then stole a police car, which was parked unattended in the area, in an attempt to flee the scene.

Arriving at home, he picked up his daughter and persuaded a neighbour, identified later as Sitthiporn, to help him bydriving the car because he was injured.

Meanwhile, the police gave chase and caught up with the suspect on Nong Rua-Lan Khoi Road. One of the police officers fired shots at the runaway car, injuring the driver, Sitthiporn, causing him to crash the vehicle into the utility pole.

Krirkphan got out of the car and ran away with his daughter,to take refuge at a villager’s house.  Police then laid siege to the house and took about half an hour to persuade him to surrender.

With a gunshot wound to his leg, Krirkphan laid down his gun and surrendered. The other wounded man, Sitthiporn, who was seriously injured, was rushed to Phatthalung provincial hospital for emergency treatment.