11 July 2024

A villager was killed by an elephant and another escaped unhurt yesterday (Sunday) as they were foraging in a forest in the Phu Luang wildlife sanctuary, in the Wang Saphung district of Thailand’s north-eastern province of Loei.

According to Wang Saphung police, the two villagers, “Bai”and “Khan”, both in their seventies, set out yesterday morningto search for forest products, by following the Nam Thop creek upstream.

After about three kilometres, an elephant, suspected to be inrut, appeared out of the thick forest and charged the two men, causing them to flee in different directions.

“Bai” was, however, too slow and was gored to death.

“Khan” escaped and reported the incident to his neighbours, who then alerted the district police. A team of police and villagers went to search for “Bai”, who was found dead with a serious abdominal wound, believed to have been inflicted by the elephant.