11 July 2024

A man was arrested shortly after he allegedly attacked two shoppers with a knife at CentralWorld shopping mall in the Ratchaprasong commercial area of Bangkok late this afternoon (Tuesday).

A statement, posted by CentralWorld on its Facebook page, said security guards managed to detain the assailant within about five minutes of the attack.

Two women were injured and they were rushed to the nearest hospital for treatment. They are now reported to be in a stable condition, said the statement, as it assured shoppers that the mall has systems which can respond quickly to an emergency situation.

Quoting eye-witnesses, police said the alleged attacker was a man aged about 30, wearing a black shirt and a hat, who rushed into the mall wielding a knife and shouting, before he allegedly attacked a woman who was walking out of a restroom.

The alleged assailant then attacked a second woman standing near an escalator on the second floor.

According to some witnesses, the assailant appeared to be mentally disturbed.